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The Best Hand Saws for the Toughest Jobs

Mark another tough job off your to-do list with this incredible selection of hand saws. There are many different types of wood, cuts and tasks to get through when sawing, so we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of different types of saws to choose from, all available here for low prices.

Our professional folding hand saws have aggressive teeth and are great for gardening and woodworking, while our folding pruning saws are great for containing foliage and trimming bushes and trees. Whether this is your first time landscaping your home or you’re a professional looking for some new tools, our selection of saws is sure to give you the cutting strength and durability you’re looking for.

Find all the best hand saws here at Green Control Supply. Our saws are built with powerful teeth, a comfortable hand grip and dependable blades. Find the saw – or two – that you like best, and don’t forget to take advantage of our free shipping offer on selected products. Contact us for any questions you have or advice you need!

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Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw Silky Curved Handsaw XL Teeth Fred Marvin F-350 Hand Saw
Our Price: $79.00
Our Price: $106.00
Our Price: $23.00
pro hand saw

Silky best-selling, professional, heavy-duty hand saw with a 13" curved, hard chrome-plated , mono-constructed blade that is rust-resistant and taper-ground with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design.

Best-selling, state-of-the-art, professional hand saw with razor-sharp and ultra-fast cutting mono-constructed 14-1/5-inch curved blade. Curved blade provides greater cutting speed with less effort.

The red Marvin F-350 Hand Saw is a high quality saw with a hard chrome plate.

Silky Folding Hand Saw 170mm Silky Folding Hand Saw 130mm Fred Marvin Hand Saw Sheath for HS17 or HS38
Our Price: $40.00
Our Price: $37.00
Our Price: $24.00

Silky POCKETBOY. Compact folding saw with 170mm (6.7in.) blade; with a plastic carrying case. Weight: 0.6 lbs. Hard blade with outstanding durability

Silky POCKETBOY 130mm (5 in.). Compact large tooth folding hand saw; with plastic carrying case. Hard blade with outstanding durability.

Fred Marvin hand saw sheath for HS-17 or HS38 hand saw. Belted material with ring on the back to your saddle.

Fred Marvin 380mm Heavy Duty Pole Saw Blade
Our Price: $25.00

Marvin's newest pole saw blade is 15 inches of heavy duty, tri-edge tempered steel. This blade is sure to give you all the extra cutting power you need.