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Personal & Industrial Safety Products

Hazards exist everywhere. When it comes to taking precautions at work, it pays to not cut corners. We offer high-quality personal protective gear so you and your employees can perform on the job without fear of injury. From high-visibility clothing to hard hats and beyond, we’re the safety supply store that’s got the gear you need to stay safe day and night.

Reflective safety gear is essential for construction workers, police, surveyors and anyone else working in high-traffic areas. Bright work jackets are ideal for the same workers during winter or in bad weather. Eye protection should be worn any time there is a chance for chemical, environmental, radiological or mechanical irritants to get in. The right safety gear can mean the difference between injuries and no injuries, and sometimes even life and death.

We’re happy to provide you with high-quality and affordable safety products so you can stay safe on the job without breaking the bank. Have a question about which gear is right for your employees and current job? Contact us today for friendly service and helpful advice!

Eye Protection FR Clothing

Protective and Affordable Safety Glasses

Keep one of the most important areas of your body safe with our durable, protective safety eyewear. Affordable safety glasses can be hard to find, especially ones that offer powerful protection and long-lasting durability. However, Green Control Supply has a selection that is meant for tough jobs and all-day use.

We offer anti-fog safety glasses, which are perfect for intense work and high-temperature areas. Our anti-scratch safety glasses won’t get torn to pieces after repeated use and will continue to offer clear visibility day after day when you need it most. And the best part is, these glasses fit comfortably on your head, avoiding sensitive pressure points but clinging where they need to, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Keep your eyes protected with these secure, high-quality, practical glasses. We carry a selection of the best safety eyewear online, offering distortion-free products meant for durability and longevity. These are the most affordable solutions out there, so don’t hesitate to shop our store today. And feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about any of the products you find here.

Turn Up the Heat With Our Fire-Retardant Clothing

Shirts and pants are often the first things that come to mind when thinking about fire-retardant clothing, but you should also consider the benefits of buying fire-resistant workwear for your face, head and hands. Not only do these pieces offer you extra protection, but certain items can even help cool you down!

That’s why, in addition to having FRC clothing for sale, we also have a top-rated selection of cooling bandanas, hats, balaclavas and safety gloves. Our fire-protective clothing is specifically made to keep the flames at bay and maintain your body’s equilibrium so your safety is never an issue.

Offered in several styles and colors, you can even choose between camo or other patterns when picking out your cooling bandana! With this in mind, shop with Green Control Supply today so you don’t get caught without the best and most reliable discount flame-resistant clothing.

Gloves Hard Hats

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Leather & Nylon Work Gloves

Gloves are an essential part of any manual labor job, and if you’ve ever had to sort through all the options available today, you know how hard it can be to find the best heavy-duty work gloves out there. At Green Control Supply, we’ve experienced that firsthand, which is why we took it upon ourselves to offer a personalized selection of handwear.

Choose from buying garden gloves to prune your most finicky plants all the way to durable chemical-resistant gloves for your team for every job you can think of, whether it’s meat processing, chemical handling or fire handling. Our protective construction gloves are all designed to withstand pressure and abrasions and are made for optimal support and comfort.

What’s more, we offer fantastic prices and knowledgeable customer service. There’s no other place to buy your handwear needs than here. We know that a solid pair of leather work gloves shouldn’t be hard to come by, and when you shop with us, they never will be.

Stay Safe With Our Comfortable Hard Hats

When it comes to your safety, you don’t want to take any chances. Out on the job – especially in construction – you never know when you might bump into something or when something might fall. That’s why it’s important to always wear your protective headgear. However, workers often take them off because they get uncomfortable, don’t like them or think they don’t need them. Think again.

At Green Control Supply, our selection features some of the best construction hard hats on the market today. Our comfortable hard hats are easy to wear and designed to fit your head so perfectly that you’ll forget you even have one on! Available in different styles and colors, pick the traditional hard hat style or opt for the new, ultra-sleek designs.

Whether you’re new to the job or in charge of a team, make your number one priority safety and browse through our selection of high-quality safety hardhats for sale.

Jackets Shirts & Vests

High-Visibility Reflective Safety Jackets

It’s very important to have high-visibility clothing when working outside, especially near roads or construction areas. Green Control Supply has a wide selection of reflective jackets that are guaranteed to shine bright, both during the day and at night. We offer zip-up, button-up and pullover safety sweatshirts, all with a sleek, clean design. Plus, these are water-repellent jackets, so you are free to work safely in the rain, snow and around splashing water.

Green Control Supply has all the necessities for landscaping and outdoor work. We offer quality materials for affordable prices, so you’ll be able to fully outfit yourself for optimal safety. Whether you are a professional landscaper or someone looking to expand your expertise, be prepared and safe at all times.

What’s more, all of our high-visibility jackets provide a comfortable fit that won’t get in the way of your work. Stay safe and visible during work with any of these sleek reflective safety jackets – shop our selection today and receive free shipping on selected items!

Affordable and Bright Reflective Vests Online

When working outside or in a high-traffic area, it is of the utmost importance to remain visible to vehicles and construction equipment. A high-visibility shirt will ensure that you are seen during both the daytime and nighttime. The reflective material of these safety shirts is made of polyester mesh and shines brightly when light is cast on it, which is perfect for headlights and street lamps. This increases your visibility so you don’t blend into the darkness.

Our class 3 safety vests offer an optimum shine and excellent fit so they won’t get in the way of your work. And our class 2 safety vests are meant for poor visibility rather than high-risk areas and also provide excellent illumination and protection.

Stay safe when working outside with these incredible vests. Green Control Supply is the best place to purchase reflective vests online because we offer excellent products for amazing deals. Shop our entire selection today!

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FR Long Sleeve T-Shirt Ice Melt for sidewalks Class 3 Rip Stop Bomber Jacket w/ Zip Out Liner
Our Price: $39.95
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $11.99
Our Price: $69.99
An flame resistant orange t-shirt. Ice Melt for sidewalks ANSI Class 3 Rip Stop Premium Plus Bomber Jacket

The FR Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a flame resistant cotton shirt that meets requirements in accordance with ANSI/ NFPA 2112-2012.

Our ice melt spreads easily with just about any spreader. It has constant particle size that you can rely on again and again.

It has a zip out fleece liner. A black bottom that hides the dirt and dust from your jobs. D-ring harness access that is water tight.

Class 3 Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt with Black Bottom Rip-stop Reinforced Overpant Class 2 CAN/CSA Z96 X-Back Breakaway Mesh
Our Price: $44.99
Our Price: $37.99
Our Price: $9.79
Class 3 Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt with Black Bottom Rip-stop Reinforced Overpant class 2 vest

This is the premium of class 3 safety gear for the Northeastern Untied States. Jacket has a black bottom that hides the dirt and dust from your jobs. Maximum visibility when working around roads.

These pants are water proof and made of rip-stop polyester with taped seams. They are light weight with a nylon lining to help you get them on and off easily. The lower part of the leg is black and reinforced.

Ideal for working on or near the road and rail. Easy to get on and off. This vest is the type that breaks away when you get it caught on something so you will not get hung up.

Class 2 Two-Tone Five pocket Breakaway Mesh 207 Public Safety Vest - Police Logo Tip and Measure 64ozs
Our Price: $11.25
Our Price: $21.25
Our Price: $12.25
class 2 breakaway vest police safety vest

The Class 2 Two-Tone Five pocket Breakaway Mesh has 5 breakaway points, a hook and loop closure, and is very breathable.

Ideal for law enforcement or safety personnel where hi-visibility apparel is required.

Simple easy to measure out liquids and pour the right amount. 4 Fluid ounces at a time.

EZ-COOL Cooling Towel Tub O' Towels 90 count Disposable Soft Corded Foam Ear Plugs 100 pair
Our Price: $11.00
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $24.00
foam ear plugs

The EZ-COOL Cooling Towel provides a cooling sensation by natural evaporation, delivering comfort in warm environments. It's made from advanced Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) material which absorbs water and sweat efficiently and stays active for hours.

These towels are bigger, tougher, and soaked with a knock-your-socks-off cleaning solution that overpowers even the most onerous grime

Soft polyurethane foam allows for slow expansion to perfectly fit the size and form of the ear canal.

First Aid Kit AR/FR Maximum Safety Gloves FR Treated Hi-Performance Gloves
Our Price: $21.00
Our Price: $60.00
Our Price: $64.95
first aid kit

This First Aid Kit contains the supplies you need to treat minor injuries.

The AR/FR Maximum Safety Gloves have goat skin leather plams, aramid fabric back, and Kevlar lining.

The FR Treated Hi-Performance Gloves have goat skin leather palms, an aramid back, and TPR protection.

Hi-Vis Winter Beannie Cap with Reflective Stripe 3-In-1 Polyester Fleece Winter Liner with Drawstring Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $12.95
List Price: $27.95
Our Price: $21.95
Sale Price: $21.95
Savings: $6.00
deluxe wide hard hat

Ideal hat for use in cold weather work conditions that require high-visibility safety apparel be worn.

Ideal for use in cold weather work conditions such as construction, wood work, refineries, oil drilling, maintenance, mining, etc.

Vented, Full Brim Hard Hat with HDPE Shell, 6-Point Polyester Suspension and Wheel Ratchet Adjustment